Bead Blasting

beadblastsmMillions of microscopic glass beads quickly blast away rust, scale, carbon, paint etc. Cleaning metal efficiently without damaging the surface leaving scathe free sheen finish with no dimensional change.
Ideal for stainless steel vessels, fabrications etc ….learn more

Shot Blasting

shotblastsmHeavy duty blasting used in the removal of paint, rust and scale to prepare surface for painting.
All work carried out to specification….learn more


Industrial Coatings

industry_coatedsmSpecialist spray painting for industry.
Conventional, airless and electrostatic processes available. Paint systems applied to customer specifications….learn more


Powder Coatings

powdersmEpoxy and polyester powder coatings baked on to prepared metalwork to provide a hard wearing decorative finish.
Range of colours available from stock….learn more



Nylon Coatings

nylon-coated-barssmNylon is a top quality, resilient environmentally sound product. It is manufactured from the oil from the Castor plant. It offers a superior finish in addition to first class chemical and atmospheric protection by providing a superior resistance to solvents, oils and other chemicals….learn more



Plastic Coatings

moleculessmPlastic coating can be done on metal, glass or other plastics. The coatings are generally applied using either plastisol (a liquid vinyl) or powder (fluidized bed)….learn more




Manufacturing Assembly

manufacturesmManufacture of Stillage containers, Racking Systems, Trolleys and Pallets.
The company has the manufacturing and production capability to manufacture these components as well as a first class repair service of old or dilapidated products….learn more