Industrial Coatings

industry_coatedSpecialist spray painting for industry.

Conventional, airless and electrostatic processes available. Paint systems applied to customer specifications.

Powder coated repairs (Undercoating-site damage- fixing damage)
Anodised repairs (Colour fading-site damage-fixing damage)
Plasticol cladding overcoating (Flaking-fading-colour change-site damage)
Steel substrate refurbishment (Rust-blistered-galvanise failure-fixing damage)
Shopfront refurbishment (Colour changes-updated look)
PVC overcoating (Colour change-old tired or discoloured)


coatings2Burnley Bead Blasting has earned a reputation for innovative, high-performance and world-class service. Serving top manufacturers and supply chain partners with a wide range of leading technologies, which enables customers to achieve their industrial coatings goals.

We produce coatings for appliances, agricultural and construction equipment, consumer electronics, automotive parts, residential and commercial construction and many other finished products.

Burnley Bead blasting is committed to ongoing research and development of innovative technologies. From pre-treatment and electrocoat, to liquid, powder and even ultra-violet (UV) and electro-beam (EB) coatings, We can meet virtually any coatings challenge.